Don`t forget the bachelorette party

As a little girl, every woman is looking forward to getting married. Perhaps each of us played at a wedding as a child, imagining ourselves in a wedding dress next to the dream prince. When the day finally comes when your partner asks if you will marry him, you can finally start planning your fabulous wedding. We assume that a lot of those childhood dreams have changed and you probably won`t want to eat cotton candy and come to Cinderella`s carriage. Although it would definitely be unusual and beautiful.


There are a lot of worries about planning a wedding that we didn`t notice at all as little girls. You need to prepare a lot of things so that your day is truly unique and everyone has enjoyed it 100%. In addition to the preparation of the wedding day itself, it is necessary to think, for example, about saying goodbye to freedom. Agree with your partner how you both imagine it and whether you will organize it together or make a women`s bachelorette. Each of these events has many advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you which path you choose. A night with only girls can be very fun and liberating because you remember your free self and your youth. You don`t have to worry about anything, because if you trust your partner, there is no danger of disagreements.

womens bachelorette

Realize that saying goodbye to freedom is one of the last moments when you go out with your friends as a single woman. Then you will be married and you may start to think a little differently than before and you will want to be more with your dear husband. There is nothing wrong with that and everyone will understand your even greater love after the wedding. So definitely don`t skimp on the farewell and enjoy it properly.

After this event, you can look forward to a beautiful wedding dress, your future husband in a suit and a great feast.